Lazy Sundae

These sweet summer finds are best with a cherry on top.

gelato bowls and spoons!Inside Scoop
It might be your backyard, but it will feel like the streets of Italy with these quintessential gelato bowls and spoons ($16) made from cornstarch in Florence.
chocolate editions!Choc Full
Don’t scream for ice cream? Fake it with a Chocolate Editions Neapolitan bar ($10), a trio of dark, white, and strawberry chocolate masquerading as a frozen classic.
ice cream spade!
Dig In
An antifreeze ice cream spade ($6) lets you start shoveling straight out of the freezer. Strong steel and a short handle for leverage mean rock-solid cartons better watch out.
handy wipes!
Dirty Dealings
With a cup, cone, or bowl, you are bound to find yourself in a sticky situation. Wipe away the evidence with take-everywhere towelettes ($4), which leave a faint mint-scented, aloe-infused trail.
we love jam caramel sauce!
Jar Head
They say it’s sweet at the top. Prove it when you top your treats with We Love Jam fleur de sel caramel sauce ($10) or the hard-to-come-by dark caramel version ($15).

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