Good Sport

Catch the new new wave.

eres swimwear bonnet!Bust a Cap
Its styling may be retro but its purpose is not: Keep hair safe from the drying, damaging elements with an Eres swim bonnet ($50, at 441 N. Rodeo Dr., Beverly Hills; 310-246-1008).
zinka sunscreen!Zinc or Swim
War paint for the Technicolor beach party set, Zinka colored nose coat ($6) blocks UVA/UVB rays by acting as a reflective barrier between the sun and your skin.
steven alan beach blanket!Sand Piper
Beach blanket? Bingo. A lightweight Steven Alan striped cotton sheet ($48) can be compactly caddied around, but when unrolled covers a lot of sandy ground.
saltwater canvas mesh bag!
Hit the Sack
Multipocketed mesh Saltwater Canvas whale bags ($32) are roomy enough to carry everything you need — towels, mags, a snack or two — but won’t hold extra sand.
croakies sunglasses ties!Hands-Free Device
We won’t say that using Croakies sunglasses cords ($5) means you’ll never lose your shades again, but it is pretty hard to misplace something when it’s hanging from your neck.

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