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John & Mary Carryalls and Weekenders Debut

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After years of living out of a bag, Ric Muñoz is now living for one: the carryall in his just-launched line, John & Mary.

He grew up around his family’s leather goods factory, so naturally the former touring musician couldn’t help but size up other travelers’ luggage and evaluate his own while out on the road. Back home, the Angeleno made some sketches, took them to a pattern maker, and the first version of the durable, handcrafted canvas and leather bag was born.

Now after a little counsel from Franny designer (and fiancée) Jeanell Suggs and a few revisions, the streamlined signature style comes in four sizes, ranging from a 12-inch keys/wallet/gum/everyday necessity tote to a 24-inch get-me-outta-here-quick weekender.

Before August, the first batch of limited-edition wool pieces will go online in color combos like charcoal and chocolate and black on black. Soon after, expect a new group inspired by Suggs’s collection of vintage polo duffels much like those spotted on Argentine pros.

Since the bags are made in his family’s shop in East L.A., prices are kept low — which means you can nab just one or spring for a set in case you’re packing for a world tour.

Available online at johnandmarybags.com, $79-$145.

Photo: Courtesy of John & Mary

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