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It’s raining cats and dogs. Kind of.

modkat designer litter box!Here, Kitty Kitty
Cleaning up after Mittens is a dirty job, but it doesn’t need to look like it. Available in pop brights, the snazzy ModKat litter box ($180) keeps the mess out of sight.
moody pet humunga stache dog toy!In Dogsguise
It might not fool your landlord into thinking Quinn is your very short, very hairy friend, but the
Moody Pet Humunga Stache fetch toy ($12) will at least get some laughs.
a dog’s life wine and organic treats!Hair of the Dog
For Pepper, A Dog’s Life has wholesome treats and organic catnip ($9-$15). For you, five types of wine ($15-$25). Packaging can be customized with a photo so there’s no confusion of what’s for whom.
jonathan adler dog pillow!Ruff Life
Throw her a bone, why don’t you? After a long day of sniffing, rolling, eating, and barking, Penny can snooze in comfort and style on a Jonathan Adler dog bed ($195-$245).
modern cat scratching tower!Itchy and Scratchy Show
Nature’s loss (sorry, trees) is your couch’s gain. The Moderncat cardboard tower ($95) is as easy on the eyes as these things go and will keep Fluffy from tearing apart your love seat.

For fishbowl bookends, dog bone delivery, and a cardboard cat house, go to ShopTalk.

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