Q&A with Samantha Pleet

samantha pleet dailycandy q&a!

A floral Pleet takes a leap.

What’s your signature look of the season?
Gardening stargazer on an adventure.

Describe the moment you knew you would be a fashion designer.
One night, while in college for painting at Pratt [Institute], I thought about what I wanted to do with my life. I looked down at the shirt I was cutting up to make a dress, and the next day I switched over to the fashion department.

What were you doing before you sat down to answer this questionnaire?
Putting together a storyboard for a short film about my spring 2011 collection while drinking coffee on a rainy morning.

You’d be likely to throw a soiree in honor of:
A project I have been working really hard on.

Your favorite hero in fiction:
Merlin, though I like to think he was real.

Your current state of mind:

In the annals of fashion history, your volume will be titled:
“The Secret Life of Clothes.”

You never leave home without:
A hat and a sketchbook.