Rachel Pally and Kevin Circosta's Clothing Collaboration

Boyfriend/Girlfriend Collection Launches

boyfriend/girlfriend unisex clothing!

Rachel Pally and Kevin Circosta’s new his-and-hers line, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, is very much a case of he said/she said. He said, “We should collaborate,” and she said, “Obviously.”

He said: People stop me on the street and ask, “Where did you get that shirt?”

She said: Everyone asks! My parents have matching Bf/Gf plaids! Anybody who owns a pair of jeans can make these pieces work.

He said: She always steals my flannel and denim shirts. She’s eyeing my Indiana Jones hat and my amazing Native American turquoise necklace. Every day, we wake up at our house in sunny Los Feliz and it’s like we have our own private fashion show.

She said: It’s true. I cut the neck out of all his band T-shirts. Even if I have my own, they are better when they are his!

He said: In turn, I steal her fine collection of face creams.

She said: And my necklaces. He has also been known to wear a pair of Rachel Pally ethnic-print shorts.

He said: I love her in the oversize Pyramid tee — she looks so great in the low-back shirt. The bare essentials really bring out her natural beauty. I wear the scooped U-neck tees and/or a flannel every day.

She said: He is the poster child for our brand! I love the chambray button-down, too. I tie it up and pair with bell-bottoms or layer over a miniskirt.

He said: It’s all about fun and the pursuit of the perfect shirt.

She said: Laid-back, easy, and weekendy.

From the good looks of things (vintage fits, earth tones, well-loved and worn-in feeling all around), this real-life couple’s definitely not all talk.

Available online at singer22.com. To see styles, go to boyfriendgirlfriendcollection.com.

Can’t wait for the goods to come in the mail? Head to Rachel Pally’s Summer Warehouse Sale, Friday (10 a.m.-7 p.m.), Saturday (10 a.m.-6 p.m.), and Sunday (11 a.m.-4 p.m.), at 2301 East Seventh Street, between Santa Fe and Anderson Streets, suite c100.

Photo: Courtesy of Boyfriend/Girlfriend Collection

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