Astrid Quay, Jane of All Trades

The Musician/Designer Will Paint Your Rooms to Perfection

astrid quay, musician/designer/house painter!

By night, you know her as musician Astrid Quay (she’s been working on her solo project since Winter Flowers broke up). By day, she goes by Poppy and Quail (her line of fantastic leather, bead, and feather hippie headbands). But sometime, you’ll want to meet her as just Astrid, the woman who will paint any room in your house and do one helluva job.

After a brief but thorough consultation at your place, she’ll give you a quote and let you know how much paint to buy. When the day comes, she’ll fill holes, fix gaps in woodwork, then roll and brush your room to completion, sans tape — she holds a painting/drawing BFA and a resume noting Bay Area Craftsmans and Victorians, afterall.

Depending on the size of the interiors project (one reference claims Quay did the work of two men, in half the time, while paying twice as much attention to detail), she works alone or hires a few hands (other musicians with free time and meticulous natures) to get ’er done fast. This one’s always on the clock.

Astrid Quay (818-795-2531 or astridquay@gmail.com).

Photo: SToppin / Flickr

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