Echo Park Designing Duo Launches New Wool Scarf Collection

symmetry scarves!

Wearing a scarf only invites the inevitable. You start the day swathed in bandito coolness but end closer to disheveled Cub Scout, despite your best efforts to recapture an effortless drape around lunchtime.

Bring in some Symmetry. Having just sprung up in Echo Park, the new line of neckwear solves many style dilemmas, including “How did this thing get so damn piratey?” and “Am I choking?”

Using American-made Woolrich plaids and lighter weight wools from Japan, husband and wife team Ted Byrnes and Gena Tuso smartly cut styles as simple as the long, skinny Varg and as conceptual as the shrug-cum-wrapped-shirt Sioux. Then they thoughtfully place grommets, brass toggle beads, and chains on each of their designs.

Not only does this add a little extra jewelry-like jazz (and allow you to wear a style like the Newman as a surprisingly easygoing cape), but it also makes for consistency. If you can just remember where you fastened what, you’ll be styling the same way every day.

Available online at symmetrygoods.com, $176-$330.

Photo: Courtesy of Symmetry

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