Your Pooch Ought to Be in Pictures

dog is art  pet portraiture!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We know. You think little Taco (or Coco, or whatever Barkus McGruff is going by these days) is a four-legged masterpiece.

And now others will, too, starting with (and thanks to) photographer Michael Faye and his pet project, Dog Is Art.

Faye’s pedigree (Art Center grad/assistant to names like Bruce Weber and Helmut Newton/advertising sharpshooter) is impressive, but it’s his love of canines, from pure breeds to stray mutts, that qualifies him for the job — not to mention that snazzy high-end, medium-format camera.

Make sure Precious is camera ready when you drop her off at the studio downtown. Pick her up after a well-documented few hours in front of the white cyc. Soon, you’ll get a link to the contact sheets and a set in the mail from which to choose your faves. Final selections arrive in museum-quality condition, printed on fine art rag paper and framed up to four by six feet. The finished product is really quite fetching.

To schedule a portrait, e-mail info@dogisart.com. For more information, go to dogisart.com, $195-$1,375.

Photo: Michael Faye

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