A New Collection of Dazzling/Dizzying Prints

jerome collection by emily jerome!

Aside from an irrational fear of the year 2012 and deep love of quinoa, you can’t imagine having much in common with pre-Andean sorcerers.

Add designer Emily Jerome’s tribal prints to the list (we know you’re keeping track). Inspired by ancient conjurers’ ritual wear, the New York transplant drew and digitally reworked the graphics — along with original patterns that wildly nod to guinea fowl and Indonesian ikat — into her eponymous debut.

Simple, versatile, and sexy silhouettes serve as the backdrop for the bold patterns. For now, think mini and maxi henleys, floor-length tank and long-sleeve dresses, leggings, and tees in ecofriendly modal knit. Cashmere pullovers, chambray button-downs (like the one shown here), and lamé jackets will soon be in the mix.

For the Columbia fine arts grad, investigative journalist, and photographer, worldly influences carry into spring as a kaleidoscopic homage to the burrowing Christmas tree worm, block prints from Bhutanese prayer shawls, and abstract black and white jacquards. Maybe she’s the one who’s the wiz.

Available at Ron Herman, 8100 Melrose Avenue, at Crescent Heights Boulevard, West Hollywood (323-651-4129); online at emilyjerome.com, $75-$305.

Photo: Eric Ray Davidson

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Ron Herman
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