Golden Coast

eddera jewelry!

We’re going to side with the U.S. Treasury on this one: When it comes to precious metals, our stock is in gold.

Specifically, in the beguiling creations from Eddera, a jewelry line designed by a Parisian expat whose prestigious alma mater is none other than the Ecole du Louvre.

Delicate craftsmanship meets Greco-Roman and Egyptian silhouettes in the form of cuffs, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and more. If crowns seem too regal for everyday, let the Spring headband’s clusters of leaves rest atop your brow, or ornament your lobes with long, slender drop earrings in turquoise, topaz, or aquamarine.

And whether you’d prefer an eighteen-karat gold vermeil leopard with green onyx eyes to rest on your finger, or a thin, slithering snake necklace to seductively frame your face, the effect is sensual and bold.

In other words, you’re money.

Available online at eddera.com, $80-$300.

Photo: Courtesy of Eddera