Morbidly Obsessed

main street's beau + aero is anything but average!

Miniature flying dinosaurs, a preserved baby crocodile, and 80-year-old granny panties. Sounds like your last nightmare.

To Beau + Aero’s Jessica Seaton and Baelyn Elspeth, it’s a dream.

The carefully curated Main Street shop is a combo of vintage finds (cashmere sweaters, ethnic ponchos, Pierre Cardin coats, a 1930s crocodile clutch) and newer jewelry pieces. A necklace from Seaton’s own collection has three gilded snake vertebrae charms dangling from a delicate gold chain.

Even the walls are curiously adorned with works from locals like painter/illustrator/Incubus front man Brandon Boyd. Artist Jocelyn Marsh’s mini dinosaur skeleton sculptures are made with metal molded from tiny bones and embellished with chains and taxidermic bat wings.

Everything is one of a kind, so don’t sleep on it.

Beau + Aero, 2307 Main Street, between Strand Street and Hollister Avenue, Santa Monica (310-452-7700 or beauandaero.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Beau + Aero 

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2307 Main St
bt Strand St & Hollister Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90405