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Cookie Good's Home Delivery Is Sweet Stuff

Cookies, Brownies, and Blondies


Sometimes you want a little bit of everything: cake, pie, ice cream, Frosted Flakes. Ross Canter knows the feeling. The screenwriter/baker of Cookie Good creates unconventional cookie varieties inspired by other desserts, allowing you to sample an entire buffet in a single box.

Can’t decide between a slice of birthday cake, apple pie, or red velvet? Sample bites of each in cookie form from the assorted box. Craving Yogurtland and Krispy Kreme? You’re covered with Rocky Road and glazed doughnut. The holidays saw pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and peppermint bark in December — and Lucky Charms will work St. Patrick’s Day magic.

Brownies and blondies round out the offerings, which rotate every few weeks. The most recent addition is salted butterscotch, inspired by the butterscotch pot de creme at Gjelina. There’s always room for pudding.

Available online at cookiegood.com, $18-$24 per dozen.

Photo: sea turtle / Flickr

cakes and pies!

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