Professional Window Cleaning by Dru Morgan

Call in the Window Dude

window dude!

There’s only one kind of streaking that you like. And it has nothing to do with the rain, swirls of residue and paper towel lint — or your windows.

Dru Morgan, the Window Dude, isn’t a jack-of-all-trades handyman. He does one thing and does it well: windows. From squeegeeing to power washing (and all the very specific tasks in between), Morgan is an expert at all kinds of panes. He’ll even contract out screen replacement and shutter repair if need be.

The reliable pro gives quick and trustworthy estimates over the phone, arrives on time, will never wear dirty shoes in the house, and won’t leave until you love the results — which are always sparkling.

It makes coming home almost as exciting as homecoming.

Window Dude (818-584-1969 or windowdude.com).

Photo: Rachel Medina / Flickr