Fitzsu like a Glove

fitzsu los angeles!

Five gifts that prove good things come in small packages.

Porcelain Letter Opener, $12
Recipient of one of this year’s Red Dot Design Awards, the Anne Rieck design is matte white and has a wave-like form that perfectly fits fingers.

Stargazing Flashlight, $57
Shine the tiny flashlight on any dark surface (wall, cement, dirt path) and adjust the settings to find the names of eighteen major stars and 27 constellations.

Kuro Charcoal Refrigerator Cube, $25
Tired of your roommate’s leftovers stinking up the fridge? Give her a hint. The substance naturally reduces odors by absorbing gas and lasts for years.

Distortion Candlestick, $26
Made using a 3-D rendering program and cast in resin and marble, it whimsically brightens up any tablescape whether filled or standing on its own.

Lion Bookend, $52
Sturdy, compact, and durable, the feline looks as regal standing guard over a literary fan’s tomes as it does as a doorstop or paperweight.

Fitzsu, 7970 Melrose Avenue, between North Edinburgh and Hayworth Avenues, West Hollywood (323-655-1908 or fitzsu.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Fitzsu

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