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How to Win the Healthy Eating Game

Play with Your Food


Getting your kids into the Clean Plate Club is making admission to Mensa look like child’s play. Time to start breaking some rules.

First up, play with your food. FoodFun, an organization focused on teaching the importance of healthy noshing, has just released three games to help facilitate your little eater’s relationship with good-for-him grub.

Riffing on beloved classics (Match Game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, flash cards), they familiarize your child with food names, food groups, and the concept of a balanced diet. So the first time Junior sees Brussels sprouts on his plate, he won’t melt down.

Tiered instructions allow you to tailor the experience to your child’s age or comprehension level, and all games can be played one on one or with a group.

It’s the start of a new food nation.

Available online at foodfun.org, $8-$19.

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