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Find Your Personal Style with Fashion Feng Shui

catherine sheppard fashion feng shui!

You buy: chiffon camis, delicate cashmere, silk dresses. You wear: cotton tanks, chunky cardis, loads of denim.

You need: Fashion Feng Shui from Catherine Sheppard, who uses the Chinese system of aesthetics to demystify your personal style.

Sheppard’s two-hour consultation begins by determining your essential energy (inner self), intentional energy (the way you’d like to be perceived), and visual energy (physical shape). Each gets assigned one of the five elements — earth, wood, fire, water, or metal — with a detailed description of recommended materials, patterns, colors, and styles that fit you best.

Don’t expect trips to The Container Store or bags for Goodwill. You’ll need just four items (something you love, something you love but don’t wear, something you think you should love but don’t, and something you dislike) to gain total self-awareness.

Case clothed.

Catherine Sheppard (310-954-1380 or thelifestyled.com).

Photo: Kim Grisco