Mary Ascension Saulnier Is the Fat Whisperer

Massage, Body Wraps, Scrubs, and More

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Things you might see during your body treatment with Mary Ascension Saulnier, a.k.a. The Fat Whisperer, at Kate Somerville: a body stocking, ACE bandages, a secret tea brew, inflatable pants, rubber sweat suit, men’s XXL long johns, rubber cups, body brushes, an amethyst-filled heat mat, and a tarp (in no particular order).

Armed with her unconventional arsenal and a whole lot more (massage machines, ultrasound), Saulnier goes after stubborn flabby bits and dimply cellulite and uses her uncanny knack for identifying — and airing — the underlying emotional issues that could be holding your body back.

From the moment your appointment begins with a quick assessment of hydration and fat levels until the second the coffee- or oil-based mask is toweled off, Saulnier is fast at work while you relax and detox.

Which is why you’ll see another thing: results.

Available at Kate Somerville, 8428 Melrose Place, between Orlando Avenue and La Cienega Boulevard, suite c, West Hollywood (323-655-7546 or katesomerville.com), $50-$195.

Photo: Courtesy of Kate Somerville

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