Nine Zero One Salon Gives Braids a Twist

Plaits Rule at the New Braid Bar

hair braids!

It doesn’t take 400 bobby pins and a can of Aqua Net to tell you most updos are actually updon’ts.

But with a fifteen-minute commitment and an array of plaited inspiration, the Braid Bar at Nine Zero One turns out hairstyles we can get behind.

To channel your inner Grecian goddess or Swiss Miss, go for an Around the World. Stop halfway to get the single mini headband called NY Chic. Choose a loose, beachy Venice Hipster side braid if your mane is always in the way. You’ll fancy the Hollywood Glam for a big night out.

Give it a day or two, and it’s no worse for the wear. Take it to bed for a bit of messy chic in the a.m. and add a dash of dry shampoo to keep it going after the gym. (Oh, yes, we did.)

Nine Zero One, 901 Westbourne Drive, at Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood (310-855-9099 or ninezeroonesalon.com), $25 and up.

Photos: Julie O’Boyle

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901 Westbourne Dr
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