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The Mylkman Delivers Almond Milk

Jeff Leaf Helps Combat Lactose Intolerance

the mylk man!

There’s lactose intolerant: politely passing on ice cream for fear of gastro repercussions.

And then there’s lactose intolerant: chucking a container of half-and-half across the grocery store in a fit of rBST-fueled rage.

If you fall in either category — or a third, which we’ll simply call people who like delicious things — you’ll want to sign up for a special delivery from The Mylkman Company. Every Thursday, Venice raw foodie Jeff Leaf delivers fresh batches of his painstakingly made almond milk throughout L.A.

A creamy combination of raw, organic almonds from Italy and coconut water from Thailand, the nondairy beverage arrives in a reusable 32-ounce glass container, which sounds like a lot until you make a smoothie, have a bowl of cereal, and then suddenly find yourself standing at the open fridge chugging the stuff right from the bottle.

It’s that kind of behavior you’ll just have to learn to tolerate.

Available online at mylkman.com, $14 each, minimum order of two.

Photo: Courtesy of The Mylkman Company