3 New Game-Night Musts for Kids

Young Learners, Oblo, and Cooperative Games

creative toy shop house hunt!

You used to spend your Friday nights giving players the cold shoulder. But these days you’re warming up to the idea of games. Play on, Mom.

Young Learners
The playtime equivalent of hiding veggies in your kid’s macaroni, Young Learners stealthily serves up multiple lessons — everything from language skills to math — in each fun-filled game. Creative options, like House Hunt, an indoor scavenge in which players track down items by color, letter, number, and kind, are simple to grasp but engaging enough to keep kids jazzed. Available online at creativetoyshop.com, $15-$20.

oblo ball!Oblo Puzzle Spheres
Little masterminds will love the challenge of this 3-D spherical puzzler. Play begins with peeling away the layers, but the real fun starts when genius tries to piece it back together. Reinforcing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, Oblo is just as entertaining as our kids. Available online at kiddlywinks.com, $30.

cooperative play count your chickens!Cooperative Games
It really isn’t whether you win or lose with Cooperative Games, it’s all about how you play. By focusing kiddos on a common obstacle, the games teach them to work together, follow directions, and communicate. Best part? Games are framed in the context of a story, so players as young as 3 years old can get in on the action. Available online at peaceablekingdom.com, $15.


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Photos: Courtesy of Creative Toyshop; Courtesy of Oblo; Courtesy of Cooperative Games; Courtesy of Sonny Boutique