Artwork to Hunger for: The United Plates of America

A New Take on Your State

united plates of america!

When you think of Arizona, you probably don’t think of Swiss cheese.

Then again, you’re probably not John Holcomb, the artist behind The United Plates series of prints.

The project started a few years ago when the 26-year-old Kansas resident made a random connection while perusing a calorie-counting book: Delaware is shaped like a fish — and his creative mind was off and running.

Steering clear of cliche except when it really worked (as with Georgia, peaches spilling from a paper bag) Holcomb focused on state lines, sometimes using several foods to compose a shape (Arkansas, for example, is half a turkey sandwich with fries and slaw). Before long he had a collection of drawings of all 50 states, the District, and Puerto Rico.

We’re particular fond of Kentucky (a fried chicken leg) and D.C. (a half-eaten cherry Pop-Tart).

But you can have it your whey.

Available online at shorthandedstudio.com, $30-$100.

Art: John Holcomb