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Undiscovered Boutique Opens

Where to Shop for Loungewear and Lingerie

undiscovered la!

Tempting as it is, wearing pajamas out of the house is a look reserved for a select few: 13-year-olds making a weekend 7-11 run and the clinically insane.

Unless you’re clad in something from Undiscovered in Venice. Located next door to big sis Heist, the new boutique specializes in loungewear that goes from bedroom to boardwalk without a walk of shame.

Ladies of the house stock up on gauzy nightgowns and lingerie from Hoff by Hoff, around-the-clock dresses by Raquel Allegra, and cozy cashmere sweaters for tossing over your scanties when it’s nippy. Throw on a striking necklace made from Mexican hammock rope and head straight to dreamland after dinner.

Equal parts home and body, it also stocks room sprays from Coqui Coqui spa in Tulum and hard-to-score Costes candles that lend your domicile the air of a boutique hotel. Terrariums, inspiring photography books, and colorful Missoni towels and blankets are just a few more reasons for staying in.

In brief, sofa so good.

Undiscovered, 1104 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, between Westminster and San Juan Avenues, Venice (310-450-6431).

Photo: Courtesy of Undiscovered 

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1104 Abbot Kinney Blvd
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Los Angeles, CA 90291