You Ought to Be in Portraits by Missy McCullough

Unforgettable Custom Illustrations

missy mccullough twiggy painting!

Your selective memory (sightseeing with your main squeeze) and your photographic memory (your ex, his goatee, the fact everything you tried to see was closed) have been at odds.

Remedy that with an illustration from Missy McCullough. The Los Angeles-based artist works from photos to capture her subjects in charming portraits — enhancing the highlights you want and downplaying — or completely eliminating — anything you don’t.

Send along a single image, let her know what stays (your red lipstick) and what goes (old what’s his face), and she’ll recreate it in her style. Or put together a slew of snapshots (new shoes, favorite book, Kittycat McGee) for her to synthesize into one playful piece.

Under the influence of vintage illustrations, the spirit of fashion magazines from the last century, and McCullough’s sweet sensibility, the results are unforgettable.

Prints, available online at shop.imissyyou.com, $25-$85. For portraits, e-mail missy@imissyyou.com, $150 and up.

Art: Missy McCullough