Tibetan Yoga Therapy at Home

Bobbi Hamilton Sets You Straight

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You’d do more yoga, but you have to put in so much effort. You’d get a massage, but it’s a snooze.

You’re going to have a hard time finding an excuse not to call Bobbi Hamilton. In her Tibetan Yoga Therapy treatments, she does 99.9 percent of the work, and you get 100 percent of the benefits.

No joke. Hamilton actually moves your body for you. Sessions start with a short intake, and before you know it, you’re on the mat, focused only on breathing as she skillfully adjusts, realigns, and acupressures tension and pain away.

Don’t be fooled by Hamilton’s healthy, peaceful, and yogiesque good looks. Behind that zen-like facade is a no-nonsense bodyworker/physical trainer/nutrition coach who topped off years of study with a serious, Kill Bill-style stint with a Tibetan monk in Arizona.

So just om up to it.

Bobbi Hamilton (424-259-2271 or bobbisan@gmail.com), $100 per session.

Photo: Getty Images