Call in the Big Guns to Clean Your Pad

Ecofriendly Clean Peace Is Ready to Attack

clean peace ecofriendly cleaning products!

We heard it was tough on dirty dishes, highly trained in mop-to-floor combat, and ready to ambush any dust bunny that crossed its path.

But we had no idea that Clean Peace was the dirt-busting equivalent of the A-Team. Uniformed in ditzy florals and armed with a cache of organic, homemade cleaning products, it will not accept defeat.

Former wardrobe stylist Victoria Fasano spent two years perfecting her top-secret formulas in her home lab, and the results are so-green-you-could-eat-them solutions that smell heavenly. We love vanilla violet for the floors, tangerine blossom for the loo, and lavender maillette everywhere else.

Her loyal soldiers can dust the ceilings, sanitize doorknobs, or organize your closet. Give them their mission by marking your top priorities on their budget-friendly cleaning checklist.

The fresh-cut flowers they leave behind guarantee your surrender.

Clean Peace (213-400-2051 or cleanpeacela.com),  from $40 an hour. 

Photo: Anna Golino