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The Granola Eagle Has Landed

A Top-Secret Breakfast Mission


You didn’t hear it from us, but we know a lady who knows a guy who heard about this bird who’s running a little operation — covert, if you will — called Granola Project.

Every couple of weeks or so, GP starts its mission by sending out an e-mail heads-up that granola (organic, local, and sustainable, obviously) is going into the oven. Hungry fans order, then wait for word of the secret location and time to pick it up.

The years-in-the-making mix of oats, maple, cinnamon, olive oil, and sea salt always gets a generous hit of seasonal add-ins, but there’s no telling what will show up. It could be fig with almond; cherry with dates; sunflower seeds with chocolate and bananas; or even pumpkin seeds, blueberries, and dates.

And this is probably classified, but for large orders (say, six or more), she’ll consider requests.

Hey, we’ve never been good at keeping secrets.

Granola Project (info@granolaproject.com or granolaproject.com), $8-$15 per half-pound bag.

Photo: Heather Taylor