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Hit the Brakes with 4 New Cleanses

To Chew or Not to Chew?

drinking a smoothie!

Even though you’re a happy passenger on the road to Hatch burgers and olive oil gelato, occasionally you want to hit the brakes. Detox, energize, and downsize with a cleanse. One of these healthy (and tasty) options will surely be your speed.

Driver’s Ed
Take the juicing thing for a test drive with a Pressed Juicery package (from $130). Decide how many organic, fresh-pressed juices you can handle a month, like the Greens 1 (kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery). Then choose your blends, and they’ll deliver with just days’ notice. Fans of its cleanses ($210 and up) might want a tune-up.

zuddha ring my bell pepper salad!

Cruise Control
Get your motor running with a magically delicious cacao magic mushroom smoothie and refuel with omega-rich salads or coconut curry soup on the three-day, vegan Zuddha rejuvenation cleanse ($350). Sophie Jaffe, a yogi and raw chef, and Dani Larson, a holistic nutritionist, personalize your plan even if you’re switching lanes to a group program, like the sugar cleanse starting March 20.

King of the Road
With a record of perfecting recipes at health meccas around town including Leaf Cuisine, September Crawford is the ideal designated driver for the five-day, mineral-rich, and nutrient-dense Red Carpet raw food cleanse ($750; DC readers save 20 percent with code daily20). A traffic-stopping variety of juices, smoothies (like the almond milk, mango, kale, cinnamon, and stevia Rawkstar) and meals (superfood pudding) is delivered to your door by 6 a.m. daily.

earth bar smoothie!

Daytona 500
It’s not a race: Earth Bar, the snack counter inside 40-year-old natural pharmacy Great Earth, is finally in on the cleanse act. Accelerate with six to eight juices, shakes, shots, and supplements in a custom program (from $60 a day). Try the relatively indulgent Super Seed milk (sunflower, hemp, sesame, date, coconut, vanilla bean, mesquite, agave), and the lemon-ginger-cayenne elixir. It’s fast and furious.

Photos: Lindsay Josal / Getty Images; Courtesy of Zuddha Girls; Taye Hansberry Photography www.stuffshelikes.net