13 Kickstarter Projects to Watch (and Fund)

You're going to want to get in early

Indie Companies That Deserve a Boost

From sock-of-the-month clubs to lady bow ties, the next big thing is why we get out of bed every day. But even the most brilliant business needs cold hard cash to get off the ground.

Click through for thirteen start-ups we bet will thrive this year, all culled from our favorite biz-boosting site, Kickstarter.

Indie Companies That Deserve a Boost "Leave Me like You Found Me" 1,000 Days of Drawing A Rolling Greek Temple of Brilliant Raconteurs Monster Watts Hybrid Solar Battery Case Domestic Construction’s "Keep Greenpoint Green" Campaign Aporta Scarves Functional Treats by The Cookie Department Designer Suzanne Rae Heads to Fashion Week Slotto Sleek Wooden Toys Hanafuda Card Decks Windowfarms Flipbook Page created Jan 5, 2012 3:16:14 PM Lovebites
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