The Right Way to Do a Sit-Up

The Right Way to Do a Sit-Up

Anna Rahe from GST Body Demonstrates

Oh, to have the confidence of Angie’s right leg.

We’re working our way to full exposure (not J.Lo’s kind, mind you) with help from GST Body, an L.A.-based studio that’s stretched and strengthened us in ways we didn’t think possible.

In today’s videos, GST Body founder Anna Rahe, whom we’ll call “The Body,” shows editor Lauren Lumsden a few simple exercises: the correct way to do a sit-up (above); deceptively hard arm raises to tone shoulders, back, and abs; and leg lifts that’ll whip your butt into shape.

Rahe — excuse us, The Body — uses a Kinetic Traction Strap, but you can easily substitute a dog leash or jump rope.

Just don’t be an exhibitionist about it.

For more information and exercises or to order the Kinetic Traction Strap ($50), go to gstbody.com.