How to Wash Your Delicates

How to Wash Your Delicates

Laundry Tips from The Laundress

In the immortal words of Linda the Bra Lady, the last thing anybody wants is a “dead bra.” And what’s the killer? Machine washing, that’s what.

Give your skivvies a longer, happier life by watching today’s Easy Does It video starring The Laundress cofounder Lindsey Wieber Boyd. As in so many areas of life, correct undie washing involves gentle agitation and careful pressure. 

We demonstrate on a bra here, but the techniques work on all delicates. As a bonus, we also have a video that teaches you how to wash your favorite silk dress — get this — in a machine (yes, really). Swish away.

For more tips from The Laundress, check out its blog. To buy any of the products mentioned in the video, go to thelaundress.com. Enter DCVIDEO at checkout for a 20 percent discount.

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