Special Deliveries from Rad and Hungry

Paper and More from Around the Globe

rad and hungry office supplies!

Busy after this? You might want to pencil in Rad and Hungry.

After lugging cute paper, pens, erasers, and the like home by the trunkful, frequent fliers and stationery obsessed Hen Chung and Sam Alston have turned their adventures of international office supply shopping into a business.

The ladies’ weeks-long scouting trips (during which no French university bookstore or Colombian mom-and-pop copy shop was safe from plunder) inspire their country-specific Something Mighty packs, which showcase their love of everyday design.

Each kit (options include Korea, Mexico, and Germany) contains a notebook, writing implement, and some surprises. Purchase one a la cart or through their popular monthly subscription service.

It’s just the kind of thing that makes you want to get the lead out.

Available online at radandhungry.com, $16.

Photo: Courtesy of Rad and Hungry

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