Ecofriendly Products for Eating on the Go

3 Ways to Store Snacks

rume reveal ecofriendly bags!

Give a 3-year-old the choice between Goldfish crackers and baked kale chips, and the little snacker always takes the bait. (More Goldfish, please.)

So we’ve decided the next best thing to green snacks is storing them in ecofriendly containers. Tree. Hug. Everybody wins.

RuMe Reveal
As repeat Ziploc-baggie offenders, we are happy to meet RuMe Reveal. The reusable nylon (think old-school parachute pants) sacks seal with a fuschia, blue, or green zipper. Plus, they can be tossed into the washing machine and meet TSA standards. We’ve been using the quart size for sammies, raisins, and Pirate’s Booty on the go. Baggie, $7; pocket, $6.

goodbyn ecofriendly bento!Goodbyn Bynto
We marvel at the original Goodbyn’s five compartments, but that’s too many for little tummy growls at the park. The new Bynto is just the right size. Three compartments keep wet strawberries from ruining crunchy pretzels and mixing with Gummi Bears. And, just like its big sib, it comes with hundreds of stickers so your muncher can decorate until dinner. $16.

innobaby ecofriendly food storage!Innobaby Keepin’ Fresh Kids’ Collection
The stainless steel bento boxes and tumblers make being fresh (do you need a time out?) a good thing. Airtight seals keep food tasty and crisp. And the multipurpose drinking cup is designed to store, pour, shake, or sip. We used it for a smoothie one day, Cheerios the next. $16-$18.

earth-friendly products for kids!Good things come in green packages. We’ve found ten more earth-friendly products for kids.

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Photos: Courtesy of Rume; Courtesy of Goodbyn; Courtesy of Innobaby; Courtesy of Inhabitots