Easy Earth Day Projects by Costa Farms

Green Thumbs Up

open terrarium!

Be proactive this Earth Day by bringing live greens into your home. The kind people at local plantation Costa Farms offer modern suggestions for timeless eco-conscious practice.

Succulent Table
Repurpose an old, beat-up picnic table by removing the middle panel, cradling burlap across the gap, and nailing it to the exposed cross panels for support (the burlap cradle should swing three inches below the table top). Staple-gun the lining to the remaining panels; then fill it with dirt and a row of succulents.

Five-Minute Open Terrarium
Any piece of glassware can be transformed into a shrub dome. Classic terrariums are enclosed, but open-air variations are easier to care for. Insert a layer of gravel (so the water can drain), add soil, and top with an indoor plant that requires low light and high moisture (like Golden Club Moss).

Orchid Garden
Combine three plants to create a piece that is high on stage presence and low on cost. Grab any container, start with a mini orchid, flank it with greens that have similar needs (like ivy or croton), and drop in moss to absorb excess moisture.

Sansevieria Window Box
These architectural beauties are best for the noncommittal (they thrive on neglect) with a mod aesthetic. Complement the plant’s vertical lines by planting in a rectangular box.

O2 for You
Be strategic with your house plants. The Costa Farms website explains which plants metabolize which toxins. Song of India will gladly inhale the formaldehyde from your fake wood bookcase, while ferns will take in the toxic toluene from your printer cartridge.

For more information, go to o2foryou.org.

Photo: Patrick Moynihan / Getty Images

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