Fancy Feather Hair Extensions Take Flight

Pretty Plumage for Spring

fancy feather hair extensions!

Whether it’s slick ponytails or soft curls, you cannot resist experimenting with hair trends.

Neither can Marlo Planas, whose current obsession — feather hair extensions — has led her and two partners to launch a beauty service for wearable plumage.

The ladies of Fancy Feather Hair Extensions make house calls. “Installation” involves stringing plumes and silicone beads through strands of hair (it won’t damage natural locks).

Feathers can be bundled (three or seven joined together with latex adhesive) for a dramatic look or tucked in discreetly one at a time. Opt for bold extensions (a la Steven Tyler) or subtler hues.

The process takes less than a minute; the results last two to four months. Too much commitment? You can ease into your bird lady role with reusable clip-ons (leather strips with beads and plume attached at the bottom).

Oh, and the bohemian adornments are sourced responsibly from happy, farm-raised roosters, so there’s nothing to ruffle your feathers about.

For an appointment, call 786-303-1382 or send a message on Facebook, $8-$45.

Photo: Janelle Jones