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DJ Got You Falling in Love Again

fourth of july!

We’re feeling especially proud of America this year (on second thought, perhaps it’s our obsession with stripes).

No matter. Every holiday deserves a party — and a sound track to go with it. We begged DJ Marc Moran, co-creator of @Superfun, for a badass playlist to shake our thang to on the Fourth.

Feeling Good,” by Nina Simone
(Let the beat build … )

Strawberry Swing,” by Coldplay
(Breezy summer day.)

Surf Wax America,” by Weezer
(Hang ten.)

Doo Wop (That Thing),” by Lauryn Hill
(Fire up the barbecue.)

Lisztomania,” by Phoenix
(Dance party USA.)

Don’t Stop Believin’,” by Journey
(Classic. Period.)

Born in the USA,” by Bruce Springsteen
(He’s the Boss of us.)

Aneurysm,” by Nirvana
(Prepping for the fireworks.)

Everyday (Coolin’),” by Swizz Beatz
(We wear our sunglasses at night.)

One (Your Name),” by Swedish House Mafia
(The beat is built.)

For more information on @Superfun, go to atsuperfun.com.

Photo: Comstock Images / Getty Images