Degrease at Eco-Friendly Auto Center

Feel Good Under the Hood

eco-friendly auto center!

Sun: Sometimes, I think Mother Earth doesn’t know what she’s worth.

Moon: Right? She’s always mixed up with trash.

Sun: Hopefully, it works out with this new auto repair guy, Eco-Friendly Auto Center. Not only is he the first green-certified auto shop in the state, but services like biodegradable and re-refined oil changes ($25-$60) and eco-tire (more gas mileage) installations show he really appreciates her.

Moon: Totally. I heard he collects all the old lube and sends it out to be re-refined for an alternate use, so it doesn’t clog her system. He also buys in bulk (meaning fewer plastic containers) and recycles nearly everything in the store.

Sun: Aww, that’s sweet. Well, apparently he’s nesting, because his place has free Wi-Fi, public computers, a flat-screen TV, and even a kids’ area.

Moon: Let’s just hope she gets rid of those greasy types for good.

Eco-Friendly Auto Center, 1139 East Commercial Boulevard (954-581-1747 or ecofriendlyautocenter.com).

Photo: Thinkstock

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1139 E Commercial Blvd
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