Get Your Green On with Garden of Ian

And Then There Were Plants

garden of ian!

Instructions for Building a Home Garden

Step One
Stop kidding yourself: Hire the professionals at Garden of Ian to plant sustainable livingscapes using mostly native species (rather than invaders that require artificial support) and drip-irrigation systems (rain water is collected from your roof).

Step Two
Explain your vision to owners and FIU agroecology grads Ian Wogan and Drake Kurlander, who will create a custom raised bed from local materials like coral rock and cedar and fill it with the plants and edibles (eggplant, tomato, watermelon, collard greens) of your choice.

Step Three
Before going near your garden with your black thumb, read the care instructions, which come with a list of season-appropriate crops. Or just ask the guys to maintain your new patch for an additional cost.

Step Four
After enjoying all the fresh summer salad you can handle, donate leftover produce to Wogan and Kurlander, who’ll sell it at their nonprofit farmers market, which accepts food stamps and supports civic programs.

Step Five
Pat yourself on the back for sprouting out.

Garden of Ian (305-905-9244 or gardenofian.com), $700 and up.

Photo: Courtesy of Garden of Ian