Keep It Clean with Istylie's Wardrobe Therapy

Closet Encounters of the Great Kind

wardrobe therapy by stylist agency istylie!

From last fling’s kickball jersey to your ex-roommate’s crop top, your closet has become the ghost of relationships (and ill-advised wardrobe choices) past.

For a much-needed fashion exorcism, call Kimberly Sussman Bridges and Jenny Wilensky Zalkin of newly formed styling agency Istylie.

Their Wardrobe Therapy service ($85 an hour) begins with a client analysis and questionnaire (“Who is your celebrity style icon?” “Do you find your closet hard to navigate?”). The fashion industry vets then sift through your racks, divide things into piles (toss, keep, try on), and create outfits based on your updated selection.

The duo also takes pictures of each ensemble for later reference (hardcover photo books available for the ambitious) and provides a wish list, complete with your collection’s missing essentials.

If there are any “toss” items that could be someone else’s treasures, Bridges and Zalkin take them to consignment shops for a profit share.

Ensuring a clean split.

Istylie (305-538-0083 or istylie.com). DailyCandy readers who book online now get a discounted rate of $69 per hour.

Photo: Courtesy of Istylie