Score Stylish Looks at Online Boutique Vintage Mavens

From Retro to Brand New

vintage mavens!

Scoring a one-of-a-kind outfit: awesome. Rummaging through dusty racks of old-people clothes? Not so much.

Disenchanted vintage shoppers, rejoice: Today, local darling Shareen Sarwar-Rubiera launches Vintage Mavens, a new e-commerce site stocked with thrifted gems as well as her own line.

We first fell for the New York native a year ago after discovering her style blog (she’d post photos of looks that you could later purchase from her eBay shop). A dedicated following led to this second phase, which includes Sarwar-Rubiera’s first-ever collection, The Premiere.

Her mom sews each reasonably priced item ($16-$78) from new or repurposed fabric; vintage silhouettes (black-winged cape dress, slanted-collar mini in blush pink, sheer polka-dot rain hoodie) inspire them all.

Also in the pipeline: jewelry collaborations with Florida brands Sea of Bees (antler rings) and Mixon by Anna Mixon (chain-link headpieces and wrist wear).

Ready, set, click.

Available online at vintagemavens.com. For more information, go to vintagemavens.blogspot.com.

Photos: Jorge Rubiera / Courtesy of Vintage Mavens