"Party Girls," by Diane Goodman

Literary Etiquette Lessons

party girls, by diane goodman!

In Miami Beach, there’s always an excuse to throw a party. (Bedazzled pasties? Hurray!)

So it’s no surprise that local author Diane Goodman used the city as the backdrop for her new book, Party Girls. The nine-story collection examines the social scene (expectations, behavioral norms) from the perspectives of its seven heroines. Between the lines, each leading lady offers sometimes-unorthodox but always-invaluable hosting advice. Here’s a sampling.

“Beloved Child”
An unnamed narrator teaches us that cooking for your boyfriend’s lover is no fun — especially if you’re not willing to add some extra spice.

Known to her colleagues as Candy Ass, an oblivious banker reminds us that the office is just like high school: If you’re a nerd among your peers, no one will show to your party.

After realizing her distracted beau spent the previous night at a bar with a younger girl, Lucy remains calm at dinner with his family. Instead of shooting him (like she fantasizes), Lucy offers the girl a ride home at the end of the evening, proving that kindness is the best weapon.

Party on, girls.

Available online at amazon.com, $12.

Photo: Courtesy of Autumn House Press

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