URep Launches Locally Designed Tees

T-Shirts to Look like a Local

urep miami!

Dear tourists,

Thank you for the continuous support and generous boost to our local economy. We appreciate it.

What we don’t appreciate is the sight of your backside bearing florescent text that reads, “I’m in Miami, Bitch.”

May we suggest another souvenir that might even make you look like a native? Simply click through URep, a new e-commerce site stocked with T-shirts created by Miami artists. How it works? Homegrown talents submit designs, and the community votes on whether they make the cut. The creatives who win get an instant $305 and $1 for every tee sold.

Shirts ($29) range from neighborhood-specific (Little Havana Rowing Team) to socially relevant (see: the MetroFail design). But if you’re going to take something home, why not throw on the Qué Pasa Miami top?

It’s like we’re giving you the shirt off our back.

Love, DailyCandy

Available online at urepauthentic.com.

Photos: Courtesy of URep Authentic