5 Ecofriendly Gifts to Make Mother Nature Grin

Earthy Finds at Ground Up Collective

ground up collective!

Solving holiday shopping snafus while maintaining a minuscule carbon footprint is easy at Ground Up Collective, the ecoinclined boutique and artist collective in the front of GAB Studio. Here are a few of our favorite things.

JoMama Orange Recycled Tree Necklace, $20
Inspire DIY fiends with a statement piece made from scraps of wooden wine crates, recycled magazine photos, and orange electrical wire (pictured). Other nifty neckwear comes in the form of repurposed ties.

Cyclus Escamas Evening Bag, $115
An accessory for the lady who likes to get mileage out of her wares. Made in Colombia from recycled tires, a scaled evening bag with a metal chain goes the distance in more ways than one.

Demano iPad Sleeve, $50
Crafted from recycled PVC canvas banners, these sleeves are the ultimate solution for your slightly disorganized brother. The inner pocket holds documents, earphones, or chargers. Matching wallets and messenger bags take decluttering to the next level.

Recycled Quilt Stuffed Animals, $45-$145
It’s cool enough to be a gift for your niece, but quirky enough to impress your globe-trotting comrades. The one-of-a-kind stuffed horses and turtles from India are made from recycled quilts and radiate a Raggedy Ann-type nostalgia you can’t help but share.

Moxie Industries Organic Handmade Bikini, $180
Reward yourself for hitting the gym and turning down Christmas cookies with a crocheted cotton swimsuit. Here’s to keeping up the hard work come January 1.

Ground Up Collective, 105 Northwest 23rd Street (305-298-0408 or facebook.com).

Photo: Courtesy of JoMama

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