Toe the Menswear Line in @mrsphicks Boots

Heritage Toughness Meets Ladylike Touches

mrs. phicks shoes for women!

A walk in another man’s shoes sounds nice and all — until you’re mistaken for the dude who owns them.

Toe the menswear line in a pair by outdoorsy new label @mrsphicks. (Founder Katherine McMillan is the fairer half of the husband-wife duo behind Pierrepont Hicks ties.)

The Brooklyn-born designer worked everywhere from Ralph Lauren to Elle before launching her line — and it shows. Chukka moccasins and work boots are a hybrid of hand-sewn, heritage toughness and ladylike touches: Antique brass eyelets and rawhide laces get rough and tumble with Kelly green insoles and a script logo.

Next month, McMillan sets a course for ring boots, driving moccasins, and camp moccasins to round out the bunch.

You’ll be anything but worse for the wear.

Available online at mrsphicks.com, $325-$335.

Photo: Courtesy of Pierrepont Hicks