Varelli Goes Rogue

Jewelry to Stand Out in a Crowd

varelli designs jewelry!

When it comes to Miami-based jewelry designers, many feel the need — the need for bead.

Local designer Liliana Aguilera of Varelli (thankfully) prefers materials that reflect her life story.

The daughter of a Bolivian cattle rancher, Aguilera’s appreciation for leather translates into standouts like the Misterious black calf hair cuff. Exotic skins, like croc, appear in the Coco Princess bracelet and rainbow array of ’80s-feeling Coco Chic button cuffs.

Inspired by her Brazilian mother’s fashion design spirit, Aguilera successfully pairs unlikely materials like the gold-tone metals and cotton used in her MJ cord bracelets.

Out of the eight collections, we recommend the Love Me heart ring and Anahi bracelet with seven leather threads and pink gold-plated rose ornament.

But you can go maverick.

Available at Aurum Collections, 5760 Sunset Drive (305-668-0221 or aurumcollections.com); online at varellidesigns.com, $75-$300.

Photo: Courtesy of Varelli Designs

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