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Dominique Tinkler's tips for a clean start

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Skin care guru and long-time Miami resident Dominique Tinkler gets that locals can’t always avoid the sun (though they should try), which is why her new line, Omic, contains products that correct past sunning sins and prevent future transgressions. Herewith: a bit of helpful insider info.

DailyCandy: What are a Miami woman’s main skin care concerns?
Dominique Tinkler: Thanks to the tropical climate, most complain of breakouts, dull skin, uneven skin tone, and/or sun damage.

DC: Which of your products best address those issues?
DT: For breakouts, I recommend BlemishLess with salicylic acid and 5-Alpha Avocuta. For occasional brown spots or dull skin, Omic BrightenUp System promotes glowing, even skin. Both regimens should be followed with a minimum SPF 30 broad-spectrum sunscreen every morning.

DC: How bad is it to fall asleep in your makeup?
DT: It’s a big no-no, because skin repairs itself at night. If you are oily, makeup will clog pores and cause breakouts. For an easy solution, try portable Omic BlemishLess antibacterial pads.

DC: Can skin benefit from particular foods?
DT: Papaya works as a gentle exfoliant to make pores appear smaller. Mash and apply to clean skin for ten to twenty minutes, then rinse. Raw potatoes contain enzymes that work as brighteners. Slice raw potatoes and apply for fifteen minutes to the undereye area.

DC: How often should we change up our skin care products?
DT: In order to see visible results, you must stick with a regimen; maintenance is the key to beautiful skin.

And glowing is half the battle.

Available online at omicskincare.com, $10-$72.

Photo: Jamie Grill / Getty Images