2012 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Cross Our Hearts

miami 2012 valentine's day guide!

This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to stuff that makes even spoken-for girls wish they were single ladies.

A bouquet eventually wilts; a floral bracelet never will.

Cliche heart box of chocolates? Meh. Stay svelte with figure-friendly treats that taste just as good.

Having someone’s heart is one thing, but a gold-plated heart necklace is far more accessible.

True love stands the test of time — so does a cool clock from Circle Art at Home.

Who needs a candlelit dinner for two when you and friends can feast around the communal table on seafood, prime rib, and truffle mac and cheese at the Edge, Steak & Bar ($65 per person)?

Resting your head on someone’s shoulder isn’t nearly as comfy as a love pillow.

Sweet nothings whispered in your ear pale in comparison to dangly new earrings.

Relationships are easy to get wrapped up in — so is a new pom-pom scarf.

Carrying a torch for someone can weigh you down; Cowshed travel candles lighten the load.

Sheer animal magnetism eventually wears off; a sheer animal-print dress is easy to throw on.

Whitney said it best: Loving yourself is the greatest love of all.

Read on for more Valentine’s Day ideas that make us weak in the knees.

Photo: Courtesy of Charm & Chain

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