New and Noteworthy: Reading Notes Book Inserts

A Cure for Digital Fatigue

reading notes notebooks!

Patient Name: E. Post

Symptoms: Digital fatigue. Indecipherable shorthand. Attempts to touch-screen activate all shiny surfaces within reach.

Diagnosis: Pen-to-paper withdrawal.

Treatment: Reading Notes palm-size notebooks.

Modeled after old-fashioned library cards, the self-adhering pamphlets stick to the insides of book covers, ensuring they’ll never be lost, forgotten, or deleted in the wake of a Words with Friends bender. The mini journals can lend clarity to random margin scrawlings, gravity to tawdry beach reads, and relief to texting thumbs.

Front and back flaps cover the basics (where the book was read, a one-to-five-star rating system). Thirty-two tiny pages can be filled with any other ramblings, rants, or rave reviews that are too private to share on a Twitter feed, Tumblr post, or Facebook page.

Dosage: Whenever it feels novel.

Available online at pleasetakenotes.com, $16 for three.

Photo: Matthew Latkiewicz / Courtesy of Reading Notes