Go Incognito with Motives for La La

Makeup for Women of All Shades

motives for la la makeup!

Code Name: Ivana Cover Up.

Mission: Seize new makeup line Motives for La La.

Background Check: Cosmetics masterminds La La Anthony and Loren Ridinger have invented a secret, mineral-based formula for glowing skin. The line’s perfectly shaded foundation, coupled with affordable pricing, could reach world domination in the right hands.

Directive: Procure the line’s five dual foundations, six blush hues, twelve glosses, and seven lipstick colors, as well as mascaras, eyeliners, and shadows.

Instructions: Camouflage eyes with Entourage’s shimmering olive and Paparazzi’s pinkish gold. Then swipe lips with plum-colored Flirt for a hydrating shine before ensuring translucent coverage with lightweight Vanity blush.

Extreme caution: Though formulated for women of color, Motives for La La flatters all shades (making it an ideal disguise for double agents).

Commit these facts to memory before products disappear.

Available online at motivescosmetics.marketamerica.com, $14-$40.

Photo: Courtesy of Motives for La La