How to Avoid an Art Attack

Plum Print Custom Art Books

plum print!

The first time your little Monet brings home a finger-paint masterpiece, you’re gobsmacked. The 356th time? Not so much.

If you’re drowning in construction paper, let Plum Print be your life raft. The New York-based business turns your piles of kiddie art into photo books.

Start by sorting through your child’s creations. Plum Print recommends choosing pieces that your artiste completed herself and will travel well (pasta collages will likely crumble). Include any captions you want published (date, age, place) or information you need to convey (as in, “this side up”) — on the back of each piece.

Next, snail mail your collection to Plum Print. All artwork is then professionally digitized and handed over to a design team. A digital proof of the book, which runs from twenty to 120 pages, is sent your way for review.

Once you give the green light, your coffee table book is printed, bound, and shipped. Originals are returned for you to do with what you like.

May we suggest the garbage can?

Available online at plumprint.com, $85-$325.

Photo: Courtesy of Plum Print